Body Products

Some may wonder what a small candle business is doing making a line of body products. The short answer to that is…I simply like making my own stuff. And honestly, there seems to be a lot of crossover among crafters regarding homemade products. The desire to try your hand at making new things is always there and I’m no exception.

My vision was to create great skincare products using natural ingredients with simple formulations. After several months of researching, formulating, and testing, I feel really good about putting these products on the market for others. And I guess I’m finally getting to utilize that undergrad minor in chemistry from 20 years ago. :)

I’ll take a moment now to address some questions consumers may have.

Q: Are your body products 100% natural?

A: When at all possible, yes. I strive to make everything with naturally occurring, sustainably sourced ingredients. However, some products require ingredients such as emulsifying waxes or preservatives that, while they may be derived from naturally occurring components, are synthesized in labs to create the final product. Therefore, by true definition, are not “natural”, which leads to the next most common question…

Q: Do your products contain preservatives?

A: I know a lot of people are concerned, or even convinced, that all preservatives are bad, but let’s put it this way. If I’m making something that contains water as an ingredient or has the potential for water to be introduced into it (such as a sugar scrub that sits in the shower), you bet your sweet ass I’m going to use a preservative. To NOT use a preservative in products like these is, quite frankly, completely irresponsible. Skin infections that can lead to disease from bacterial, mold, and fungal growth in non-preserved products are a far greater risk than any actual preservative itself. With that being said, I only use broad-spectrum preservatives that are paraben-free, considered non-toxic, and are FDA approved for use in cosmetics and skincare products. (Same goes for any other ingredient I use that is not considered 100% natural.)

Q: Are your products vegan?

A: Some are. I try to notate on product descriptions when something is vegan-friendly. Otherwise, it contains an animal-derived ingredient. Beeswax, goat milk, honey, and lanolin are my most used animal-derived ingredients.

Q: Are your products cruelty-free?

A: Always.     

Q: Are your products good/safe for sensitive skin?

A: Considering I have very sensitive skin and have been testing on myself for months with no issues, I feel that they are. Oils, butters, clays, and other ingredients found in my products have been a part of skincare regimens for hundreds of years. However, everyone is different. Some individuals may have sensitivities to certain ingredients or even develop allergic reactions. It’s always a good idea to do a patch test on a small spot on your forearm before using on broader areas.

Q: What’s with the disclaimers on the product descriptions?

A: Disclaimers are pretty much necessary on everything these days and cosmetics and skincare products are no exception. The issue that arises with skincare products is when claims are made that the product will prevent, treat, and/or cure skin conditions. When these claims are made, the product then becomes classified as a “drug” and, therefore, must be FDA approved. For example, I could make a lotion that contains ingredients that have been shown to be effective in treating eczema, but I could not market it as a lotion that treats eczema unless I get it approved by the FDA. This is why it’s common to see these disclaimers on skincare products.

Hope this information was helpful and you decide to give some of these products a try! I think you’ll be completely satisfied!